Steal the rain

Come, hurry down.
The wind up there is cold, and the sky’s too dark.
The light down here is soft and easy.
Sit here for a while and listen to the pouring rain.
Feel the eerie wind, so gentle on the mind.
Soak up the drizzle before it flows away beneath and down below.
Blow some raindrops and make a wish in a puddle. There are many puddles.
Listen to the howling wind that still our souls.
Steal all of the moment and dream away.


Woven in summer breeze

Fine summer evening
in an old small cafe
there was no room
to breathe easy, but
we found our space
we fitted in easy
for i had nothing
you had a little more
that quaint smile
thus began our story
woven in summer breeze
Long ago…


Heavy rains on the run
Raindrops rush to paint
a pretty picture
on my plain window pane
of what could be
and what could not
picture of thousands
tiny angelic footprints
of a walk in sterling skies
behind dark clouds
I touch the deep oceans
and the seas in each drop
Each drop a brief moment
of pure delight and thrill
In a breathe I lost it all
slowly they trickle down
thin traces of joy