Love every day

I woke up in the morning and my mind wandered back and forth on writing a line or two on Valentine’s Day. Why and why not write something about the day. After all, the whole world is celebrating love this one day and writing about it. But I was lost for words. What could I or should write, for I never knew and I don’t know if Valentine’s Day ever meant anything to me. It’s kind of strange. Why hasn’t it ever been any different or any special to me? And why should it be. But it is a wonderful and beautiful day for many. So wishes I sent and wishes I got. Yet, it’s just another day today and it has always been that way as far back as I could remember.

There was a story sealed with love. Today, love is in the air, they say. Of course, I see paper roses, paper hearts and plastic hearts hanging in the air, out there, everywhere. Red roses, telephone calls, sweet love songs and love poems make wave across the universe. It is, indeed, in the air. The color of the day is simply red. So much all around in just a day and I still cannot make sense of this one day, one color love. Why single out a day for love. All the fizz and thrill is gone the next day. The cake is all over. The song is all gone and the roses all dead till the next Valentine’s Day next year. So what is this day and what is this love.

Isn’t love real? Love begot us. Love is in the heart. Every day you feel, you love and you are loved. Every day is a beautiful day. Every day is special because you and I exist. Every day is a song. Some days you cry, some days you laugh, but you love every day. Doesn’t it call for celebration every day, any day, anytime? So, here goes my V-Day line to all my beautiful readers: Love filled happy hearts and lives to all, every day. Always.


One thought on “Love every day

  1. One day of love should be seen as a pinnacle of every day loving and not that you don’t love everyday. It is like you breathe every time unconsciously but when you do breathing exercise you make special effort and concentrate only on breathing.

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