In the Dark

The curtains are drawn. The lights are out. The house is now dark. The night is deep and silent. No ticking of the clock. Not a sound, not even the breathing of my beating heart, just the tapping of my keypad as I quickly write these few lines before I drop off to sleep. While my eyes soften, the quiet night stirs me awake to the emptiness in the darkness. My restless mind, wheeling back through the days gone by, fumbles for the look in your eyes the last time I saw you. In the dark, I try to read the lines between your silence and the things you never said. But the lines blur. So I rest in stillness beneath the dark ceiling. Darkness all around, I wait for the dawn.


11 thoughts on “In the Dark

  1. Sometimes its the phone that doesn’t ring, the message that never returns, the words unspoken that are the most unbearable things we bear. Good job.

    • Very rarely does one find beings who can feel let alone sense the pulses between spaces….for these rare beings like you life and living can only mean beauty and more beauty…this could be one reason why your thoughts have a peaceful freshness about them. Not a note of harshness or any sense of negativity whatsoever. Tis always the simple that carries the most profound 🙂

  2. Profound words, and unfortunately that’s what it feel like to struggle with depression; isolated with only the sound of my breathing and the feeling of tears as they run down my cheeks.

    That is a beautiful post that you wrote, and I love your blog.

    • Thank you so much. That’s very kind of you. Am so glad you feel and love what I write. What a pleasure you stopped by. Yes. life is a continuous struggle. But the beauty of it is you never know where those struggles will lead you to. every struggle, every tear teaches you new things, the magic of life. what tops it all is the feeling of hope. we never stop to hope. and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my simple lines. Do check out my old post ‘Weaving Dreams’ here on LittleLines. God bless 🙂

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