While We Can

Doing what we can, the best we can, while we can is the best thing we can do now.

There are things we don’t want to do and there are many things that we want to.

Well, there are things that we want to do, but seemingly we can’t, or we would rather not. There are things that we can or could do, but we don’t, or we would rather not do.

So what do we make of this situation that we face constantly throughout our lives—What do I do today, what do I do about my life, what do I do about my given situation, what are the things that I can or cannot do, what are the things that I should or should not do.

You may not know how good you are, but you alone know best what you are, what you are capable of, where you are standing, what you are faced with, what you are going through.

Each to his own because each of us is unique and differently shaped and molded; our bodies, our minds, and our circumstances. We all live similar, yet different lives; face similar, yet different situations. So each of us has to do it our way, whatever we think is best.

Whatever situation we are in, whatever we are dealing with every day, the best we can do now is try to get a clear picture of what is before us and do the best we can while we can, and do whatever makes us feel a little, if not a lot, better. While you are at it, keep on keep going.


4 thoughts on “While We Can

  1. In your words…. your little lines… have big words and even bigger meaning. I love the way you have penned them…. they reflect the thoughts of many who cannot express of themselves. Very reflective!

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