I Love the Simple

In forest green I walk and wiggle my toes in gurgling brooks and rivers running through the deep. I go chasing butterflies and plucking white daisies up the hill. I delight in berries, cherries and wild nuts and to the sound of the wild. I smell the ferns and orchids so fresh. I quench my thirst with the forest dew and water from the springs. I breathe easy cool crispy air. I see my funny reflection in the water still and I laugh…

Simple and free, in such bliss I drown. I go down to the river again. To the river of life, where you can see the stars and the moon, where birds fly high, where you and I exist, and where simplicity is the key to bliss. This, I love… Living with nature… feeling the lazy wind on my pale skin, living with less and less… living small and simple. And I love the simple mind that ripples with thoughts so fine.


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