Thank You

Here’s to all you beautiful kindred souls who paused a moment here to read my little lines, to those who liked them, commented and are following LittleLines.

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for your support and kind appreciation. Each like, each following counts a million. And what I have today, the immense joy and pleasure that your visit brings to me, all the finer visions of life that I see and feel today would not have been possible without you journeying with me here, and nudging me forward.

By God’s grace I could write a little and write for the love of it. Every word that I write spills from my heart and my very being. But it is you who has helped me forward. My little lines being so much a part of me, I began a reluctant blogger. Reluctant, as I am in many ways a private person. I was afraid of the world getting a closer view of me, as much as I wanted to feel right in sharing my plain and simple thoughts with all. But something inside me kept stirring me to the edge. Finally, one day, when dark clouds covered the moon, leaning on my joystick, I took a small turn around my life’s bend and took the first small step here.

It was the ‘Sidewalk’ (my first post here). When I first began stepping on the sidewalk, it was the best I could do that very moment. It was a very small step. It was just a single and simple weave of a dream and I had not a clue that anyone would even want to read what I wrote. But I felt so right. I felt good.

It’s been quite sometime now, but the road is long and I still have miles to go. But you are with me here and now. You are there. These beautiful moments with you are precious to me. It is a beautiful dream within dreams that keep spinning endlessly. And I say life is beautiful.

You are my biggest inspiration and my most beautiful springboard. You give me strength. I look forward to happier moments, more enthralling and enchanting journey with you. Keep breathing. Keep keeping on. Sweet blessings, love and peace to all.


In the Dark

The curtains are drawn. The lights are out. The house is now dark. The night is deep and silent. No ticking of the clock. Not a sound, not even the breathing of my beating heart, just the tapping of my keypad as I quickly write these few lines before I drop off to sleep. While my eyes soften, the quiet night stirs me awake to the emptiness in the darkness. My restless mind, wheeling back through the days gone by, fumbles for the look in your eyes the last time I saw you. In the dark, I try to read the lines between your silence and the things you never said. But the lines blur. So I rest in stillness beneath the dark ceiling. Darkness all around, I wait for the dawn.

While We Can

Doing what we can, the best we can, while we can is the best thing we can do now.

There are things we don’t want to do and there are many things that we want to.

Well, there are things that we want to do, but seemingly we can’t, or we would rather not. There are things that we can or could do, but we don’t, or we would rather not do.

So what do we make of this situation that we face constantly throughout our lives—What do I do today, what do I do about my life, what do I do about my given situation, what are the things that I can or cannot do, what are the things that I should or should not do.

You may not know how good you are, but you alone know best what you are, what you are capable of, where you are standing, what you are faced with, what you are going through.

Each to his own because each of us is unique and differently shaped and molded; our bodies, our minds, and our circumstances. We all live similar, yet different lives; face similar, yet different situations. So each of us has to do it our way, whatever we think is best.

Whatever situation we are in, whatever we are dealing with every day, the best we can do now is try to get a clear picture of what is before us and do the best we can while we can, and do whatever makes us feel a little, if not a lot, better. While you are at it, keep on keep going.

I Love the Simple

In forest green I walk and wiggle my toes in gurgling brooks and rivers running through the deep. I go chasing butterflies and plucking white daisies up the hill. I delight in berries, cherries and wild nuts and to the sound of the wild. I smell the ferns and orchids so fresh. I quench my thirst with the forest dew and water from the springs. I breathe easy cool crispy air. I see my funny reflection in the water still and I laugh…

Simple and free, in such bliss I drown. I go down to the river again. To the river of life, where you can see the stars and the moon, where birds fly high, where you and I exist, and where simplicity is the key to bliss. This, I love… Living with nature… feeling the lazy wind on my pale skin, living with less and less… living small and simple. And I love the simple mind that ripples with thoughts so fine.