Shades of Lavender

Spinning a dream, our destiny
We drifted in sweet harmony
Weaving our paths into eternity
For our dream has no boundary

We sailed the deep blue seas
And rivers we crossed with ease
Finer things, we rushed to see
In fields of dandelions, with glee

We found spring in summer
Golden autumns to remember
Brighter days in foggy winter
Cold rainy days just got better

Thousand raindrops in ripples
In plenty small brown puddles
Rainbow colours in bubbles
Our dreams in musical circles

In wildwood, life was such thrill
Chasing butterflies up the lush hill
In nature’s green, we had our fill
Happy reflections in water still

But at the crossroad, I stumbled
In dark narrow paths, I fumbled
Drenched in pain, I crumbled
The future unknown, I humbled

In pieces, the wind heard my cry
Sewed infinity in wings to fly
Never ever giving up, we did try
For reasons I know not why

Painting dreams to remember
In pretty shades of lavender
To possibilities I now surrender
Spinning pretty wishes forever


November Wind

It was a splendid summer. I dreamed ‘our’ dreams. They shimmered quietly under the silver moon. Slowly gliding among the fireflies, they warmed their way through many golden sunsets… They rustled softly among the yellow autumn leaves. Now I feel them sweet swooshing in the November wind…