Because of You

Because of you
I learn to grow

I learn
To take a step
To look around
To see better
To listen harder
To feel deeper
To smile warmer
To adore, to hug
To love, to heal

I learn
To live and believe
To walk barefoot
To climb the hills
To run with the wind
To fly above the clouds
To bend with the storm
To build bridges
To ride the dragonfly
To swing with the birds

I learn
To scoop up hopes
To sing a broken song
To dance on a leg
To delight in the dark
To bask in shadows
To soak up the silence
To find peace in chaos
To find rest at crossroads
To wheel my way in the bend

I learn
To follow the glow
To smell wild blooms
To green my pastures
To paint rainbow hearts
To chase butterflies
To wander away in the deep
To read between the leaves
To whisper in the wind
To dream dreams

I learn to grow
Because of you