Lose To Gain

Sometimes life hits you the hardest
When your hopes glow brightest
But every moment in life is a miracle
Sometimes shrouded in grey debacle

You fall so fast, but it’s just a bruise
Before you know, you are on a cruise
And life takes you on a run again
For only when you lose you gain

But there I was running on empty
Though there were before me plenty
But I found my way when we met
A fine summer, our time was set

Times were divine, spent by your side
With not a care, coffee by the wayside
Blushing joys, fireflies and sizzlers
Blissful drizzle better than thrillers

On cloudy days, dark nights so cold
Finding you deep within, I got a hold
But like a clown I laid my soul bare
I took my chance. It was a fool’s dare.

Now the light’s low, long over the song
I’d been standing in the cold too long
I should have known, I got it wrong
But you only lose to grow strong.


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