By the River

The sky was clear and so blue, the day calm and pleasant.  It was a quiet lazy summer afternoon.  I walked down to the river in the backwoods alone. There were some sandy and stony banks. It was quiet. There was not a soul, except for few birds chirping and fluttering among the trees. I found a green grassy patch by the river. There I sat down. How blissful it was. Lovely was the river. Soaking in the calm and bliss, I slowly dipped my feet in the water, touching the smooth pebbles in the water. How cool the water felt. I looked down into the water.  The pebbles in different sizes and colours were so clearly visible in the crystal clear water. They lay silent and beautiful. A couple of tiny fishes swiftly moved in and out among them.

The river flowed slowly and quietly. The soft gentle breeze made fine simmering on the water. Somewhere on the water the sunlight sparkled. Once again I looked at the pebbles and I could not resist touching them. I reached my hand for the pebbles and threw a small one back into the water. It bounced smoothly on the water.  Well, that comes with practice. To my surprise, the pebble created fine ripples round and wide. I threw yet another pebble into the water. This time, like a practiced and skilled move, it created bigger and wider ripples.  How I loved the ripples.  One after the other I threw all the pebbles in my hand into the wide river. I watched them rippled the day away. They rippled beauty and pure delight. They rippled sweet pleasures and quiet bliss—priceless.

In quiet murmurings of the river, as the evening neared, my thoughts rippled far and away… many fine midsummer afternoons in quiet bliss by cool rivers or at pristine beaches down by the sea, in wide open yellowed fields and in green meadows and summer groves… Slowly and silently they rippled away into the cool shades of the woods in the evening light. I wish to go down to the river again.


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