Something You Said

Something you said
One sultry cloudless day
In careless abandon
Whirls a merry-go-round
In my mind, a haze
Knowing not when
To stop, buzzing
Freewheeling, they go.
My eyes closed, I tried
Relentlessly in vain
To string them sense
Pieces of your words

What was it you said?
In pieces, why they twirl
Never going away
Or was it the rustling
Of leaves on a fall day
In our childhood ground
Or was it the cold cry
In dark whistling woods
Behind the house long ago
Or was it the bumble bee
Bumbling sweet nothings
Pieces of your words

Something you said
Like an old forgotten
Blank sheet of paper
Torn and broken now
Floating in my mind
A blank I draw again
As I try to remember
The words you spilled.
They are spinning free
Now humming, not
Knowing when to stop—
Pieces of your words


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