I Hope It Rains



Bang! The door slammed hard. It’s the dust storm again. I left the back door open for some cool air to come in. I quickly closed the door and bolted it.

It’s that time of the year in my part of the world. It’s merry May. Summer has just begun. The sun is bright and the day hot. The heat is beginning to trouble you.  And then the bright and sunny day suddenly turns all gloomy and you hear thunder rolling. Such loud empty sound it makes. How deceiving it could get. For all you get is sudden dusty, stormy wind with no rain. Just few drops of rain, as if to tease you, fall on your eyes as you look up the dark clouds that loom large and dangerous over tall concrete buildings all around.

Every time the day wears a cloudy sky, I hope it rains. I never stop hoping or waiting for the rain. Every time the dust storm hits, I rush to look out for the rain. Rain or no rain, I love to look out through the window pane to watch the storm whirls fast and blows everything in the wrong direction and topples whatever it could on its way. The sight is riveting. I stand in awe as I watch the strong winds twist and bend my potted plants in the balcony, the flowers almost touching the ground. Sometimes the flower pots fall, and I hurry to their rescue.

Always, after the wind and rain, the plants are back up straight, the flowers unbroken. The plants look greener and even better, with no trace of the twists and turns the storm caused.  How beautiful!

Such is life. It never really is easy or smooth all the way. When trouble comes, the storm of life comes rolling like the waves of the Black Sea. Sometimes you are blown in the wrong direction. Sometimes you turn in all directions, but you are unable to get it all straight. Sometimes you fall. Sometimes you bend. Sometimes it is all gloomy and dark. You can hardly see a thing. You are blinded by all the tumults around you. Sometimes, things go wrong and bad things happen when you least expect them. But nothing on earth last forever. The storm cannot last. It stops in a little while. With the storm came the rain. After the rain, the plants are greener and they grow faster. The flowers bloom brighter and prettier.

Sometimes nothing goes the way you plan. But things happen as you move along with the flow. Some good things happen without you planning or dreaming of them. They just happen. Bad times may break you down, but they teach you to bend; they shape you and sharpen you strong and beautiful. So, come rain or shine, the good, the bad, or the ugly, what could be better than what makes you better…


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