All Things Simple and Beautiful


The delightful bunch of freshly picked little white flowers sits pretty on the smooth brown wooden table. The setting is white. It is simple. It is beautiful. The white soft cushions on the lean white seat spot small olive green patterns that match the evergreen leaves among the flowers. The light flimsy curtains fall gracefully and move gently as the cool summer breeze blows through the long wide window that opens out to the greens outside. Inside, you can see nothing more, just less and a little bit lesser. If the white bare walls could speak, the word is ‘Simplicity’. And I feel bliss, I feel pretty inside. This is my home. After all, home is where you live joyously simple, yet beautiful.  It is where your heart and mind rest easy and blissful. It is spring clean and fresh. It is where you feel good, happy and at peace.

In fact, a beautiful home speaks love. As the great saying goes, ‘Home is where the heart is,’ it is truly a matter of the heart. Hence, making of a beautiful house is like cooking up a lovely dish from the heart. A dish cooked with love, seasoned with love and garnished with love always taste better than the same dish cooked for the sake of it. Likewise, setting a house and doing up a place is a big labour of love. Every bit of the house has that special touch and feel. You have to feel the love to feel good.  Flowers are not just put in a vase, but they are arranged artistically in just the way you want and placed in the right place. Wall hangings, curios, or books neatly stacked or placed in a particular manner in some place or corner draw your attention. All the colours in the house either blend or complement each other.  Every small or big thing in the house has a special place or corner.  And no matter how big or small the house is, the labour of love always makes it beautiful and draws one to come home to.  Love draws. One is always looking for love and is drawn, where there is love.

Many live in big houses and mansions. Some live in castles or palace-like place. Many dream of owning or living in beautiful houses. Given the choice, many would love to possess the best house, buy the best of home furniture and have the best décor one could think of—filled with all those exotic and expensive things one could set eyes on. And how often we see these beautifully designed houses with expensive interiors, but people living in them do not feel quite at home or little do they find comfort and happiness in them.

Many times we end up buying too much and having too many things in the house, or buying the wrong set of furniture or needless things. At times we pick up things for the house not because we need them, but because they look good and we want to have them.  But often all the things that we have and display in the house with such pride and sense of ownership create no harmony, but clutter and chaos of colours.

There is, however, always a way out in the chaos. In the chaos, we look for peace and quiet. And peace and quiet can only be found in simple living-few things, simple things, simple colours and the style is simple. Just think of the few places that gives you positive vibes and easy feeling. Some place just gives you that happy and restful feeling. Such a place is bereft of clutters, lean of things and has less mix of colours. Hence, every time we narrow down, we find the answer in simplicity. After all, as Leonardo da Vinci wrote, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’ simplicity speaks elegance and beauty.

Surely, I believe in simple and pretty things. And I believe in the beauty of simple things.


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