The Sidewalk

The morning dew sits still on the fresh, green grass. The mist slowly clears as sunshine streams through. The clouds drift away amid tall dark trees, and disappear behind blue hills. The day begins and there’s much to do and run through the hustle and bustle of the day. But it’s a new dawn, a new day, and what pleasure to wake up early and feel the freshness of the day. Slowly awakening from a good night’s sleep, I linger on to the stillness of the new dawn for a while. I take a little moment to say a little prayer and take a walk in the backwoods. I soak in the freshness and newness of the new day, and ease myself over a steaming hot cup of tea. That little quiet time–my morning sidewalks, where the mind takes me–is my daily wonder pill to get the day started with new thoughts, new strength and wisdom.

Pouring another cup of tea, I look out the window and my mind wanders through the ‘morning sidewalk.’ Slowly sipping the tea, the thoughts are ordinary, yet positive and strong, giving way to new hope and new ways to say and do things differently… to face the day and do all things with purity of thought and an earnest heart, and to live simply.  For, it is the simple life that gives us joy and peace amid the chaos of this world.  And simplicity, which is ultimate beauty, is what I believe in.

When the day is done, the need is to rush home, have a good bath, eat your fill, hit the bed and sleep like a log. Some days are good to give you a good night’s sleep, other days bad enough to give you a sleepless night. But whatever troubles the mind, think of the day’s good deed. Feel the goodness of having lived the day simply and earnestly. For It is not so much the completion of work, but a day’s work done with a good heart and positive mind the best achievement in a day’s life. The past is gone, tomorrow is yet to come and today is what matters the most today.  So whatever we do today and how we do it is what matters.

Life is busy. The things to do are endless. You have to rush through the day all the time. But take it slow and easy. Build your own sidewalk. Walk it every morning and just breath in the newness of every new day. Live simply and you will find many reasons to smile.


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