Pretty angels

“We are emotional fools,” a friend dropped the line as we chatted on the phone this morning. That’s hardly an answer to the lingering question which answer I already have in my mind. Who are you? Who am I? I could describe myself at length with empty words and you would barely understand. But it’s true. Many of us sail through as emotional fools. Our hearts stronger, our actions and life decisions are often led by our hearts and we wear our hearts red and bright on our sleeves. Not pretty though. They are all in tatters and the edges rough with the long years of wear and tear and the rough winds made them even worse.

Our cups overflowing with emotions, we remain hopeless dreamers with broken dreams, slowly treading the path to nowhere. Destination unknown but emotions strong and dreaming still. But yes, it’s important to know who we are to understand why we are what we are and where we are going. Complicated it may seem but it’s simple. Beneath the clipped wings and broken halos we are nothing, but God’s pretty angels.

Well, several great inspirational speakers say that first and foremost we must ask ourselves who we are to find our purpose or the meaning to our existence. To find the answers to your life and begin the road to success it’s important to know who you are. Dwelling on it, Oprah in one of her speeches said she’s a “child of God”. True. Everybody is a child of God. You may be a very Important person in high places or a nobody on the street; you may be a successful something or a homeless, but the truth is you are a child of God created in His own image. We are God’s angels placed here to fulfill His beautiful purpose and plans on this green earth. Not yours and mine but His plans.

To fulfill His plans, God talks and walks with you everyday. Listen to Him and do what he wants you to do… that is of course doing the right thing. However, sometimes, what is right and wrong may fade into thin grey lines. But don’t walk away from him. Stay close to Him with prayers and thanksgiving. It’s a gentle reminder. No matter where you are, what you are going through, you are living his great and beautiful plans. You are nothing but God’s child. You are made to fulfill His plans. Let His will be done through you. Flutter your wings and fly with him.


Into the unknown

The sound of raindrops on an old rusted tin roof
The sound of a steely wild steed hoof
In the dark woods
The sound of sizzling streaks of lightning
Awakening the dead, deeply enlightening
In the dark
The sound of a wooden chariot rushing
Into the lonely night, fast crushing
The dark pebbles
The sound of the cold wind blowing
The gurgling brook quietly flowing
Beneath the dark sky
Through the stormy night, a baby snoozing
With no dreams, blissfully cruising
Into the unknown.

untrodden lines

Did I hear you laugh in the corner?
Your sudden laughter that died abruptly as I tried to make a quick exit, and am not sure if I heard you laugh. But something in the dark whispered your presence, for you were always there. I knew you were there, waiting and watching my shadow now slowly vanishing in your silence. I’m fading into you, stumbling down the road yet again…leaving behind trails of untrodden lines that we once tried to walk, with smiles on our faces fresh and beaming with empty words… sweet dew drops filled the empty words…


Rustling through the sands of time, I drew a quiet long blank space … It’s been quite a while now… I do remember how it began. It was on a cold and dark winter’s night. There was a loud bang and silence fell… I drew the curtain. And, the morning came. The sun came shining through the cracks in the wall and the rays sparkled through the green trees… But I don’t quite remember it all.

Deep Down

Good old long ago
high on the mountains
of sweet misty dreams
with the winds on our side
I wrote our story
in the back of my mind
and Lord, forgive me
I forgot to erase it
day after day
night after night
year after year
we kept coming back
for a little bit more
to the mountain high
and, the story continued
but when the dark moon fell
and the storm came
I dug a hole in my heart
and buried our story deep down
of good old long ago

Sweetly whirling

It’s that time of the year again, time when thoughts of you flutter in circle like a windmill spinning endlessly on a wide empty space out there in the wild. You, because you are floating, sometimes sweetly whirling in that empty grey space in my chestnut brown head. My mind overflowing with unspoken words, silent memories mysteriously rippling… The summer breeze sweeps through the day into autumn, slowing leaving behind trails of unfinished winter moments of blue, brown and yellow. And I thought I heard you laugh amid the sound of silence getting louder as the evening light rushes into the dark of the day… Once again, I’m looking out at the beautiful starlit night and the neon lights shining down below against the moonshine…

River of Dreams

Sweet little moments

dipped in fine honey

and old cherry wine

by the river of dreams

sparkling little summer

soaked in faded shades

of spiraling smoky tales

and echoes of long ago

drenched and dripping

crimson and blue

in the first monsoon rain,

Sweet broken sparkles

flood the river of dreams

now, gushing free

into the unknown

Steal the rain

Come, hurry down.
The wind up there is cold, and the sky’s too dark.
The light down here is soft and easy.
Sit here for a while and listen to the pouring rain.
Feel the eerie wind, so gentle on the mind.
Soak up the drizzle before it flows away beneath and down below.
Blow some raindrops and make a wish in a puddle. There are many puddles.
Listen to the howling wind that still our souls.
Steal all of the moment and dream away.